7 Years long patent battle between Apple and Samsung has resolved

Apple and Samsung have mutually ended 7 long years battle over copied iPhone design. The Settlement was undisclosed according to a US court filing.

The Federal court jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple approx $540 million for copying patented iPhone features. The case was filed by Apple in 2011, with the company accusing Samsung of copying a number of patents related to the design of its smartphones. Apple won the trial in 2012, and was awarded a whopping $1.05 billion. In 2013, the courts took off $450.5 million from those damages, but awarded Apple an extra $290.5 million later in the year. In the end, the total came to $930 million. On June 2018 the long battle has end when Samsung agreed to pay $540 million to Apple.

Steve Jobs once qouted Picasso’s qoute, “Good artists copy and great artist steal”.
There’s one another amazing qoute from Picasso which is….”To copy others is necessary but to copy oneself is pathethic”.

“Whereas the court has been advised by the parties that the above-entitled action has been settled, all remaining claims and counterclaims in this case are hereby dismissed with prejudice,” US District Court Judge Lucy Koh wrote.

The case was deeply reviewed as the precedent for whether design is so important that it could actually considered the “article of design”. Supreme court of US revisit the case of $400 million damage after the district court decision. The bench of lawyer reviewed the case to find whether the design and UI do affect the sale of  smartphone so much.

The three design patents in the case apply to the shape of the iPhone’s black screen with rounded edges and a bezel, and the rows of colorful icons displayed. Two utility patents also involved apply to “bounce-back” and “tap-to-zoom” functions.

The court has order the jury to determine whether design features are worth just a fraction of all profit made by Samsung  or worth all profit made so far. An original trial found that Samsung violated Apple patents whether design features such as rounded edges are worth all the money made from a phone.

The retrial regarding damages was one element of a $548 million penalty — knocked down from an original $1 billion jury award — Samsung was ordered to pay for copying iPhone patents.


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