Apple filed patents of blood pressure monitoring ‘cuff’

This is a new move of apple in field of wearable industry. Apple is known for hundreds of patents for it’s unique design and functionality. This cuff is equipped with a sensor that supposed to be Bluetooth enabled and will have touchscreen.
A blood pressure measurement system, comprising: a pressure sensor; an expandable member comprising a plurality of expandable cells, wherein the plurality of expandable cells comprises at least three expandable cells or at least two repeating expandable cells; and an expansion actuator configured to selectively expand the expandable member.

This device will work through a collection of tiny airbags, or “cells” mentioned in the patent, it will exert pressure on the wearer’s arm and cut off blood flow. From there, the device gets a measure of the heart’s maximum output, or its systolic pressure. In this way it will able to measure heart’s resting output before releasing  pressure.

The iPhone maker’s proposed product would reportedly eliminate the need for cardiac-concerned users to go through other third parties. However, the company’s first full-on medical device would have to get approvals from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before hitting the markets.

According to the US Trademark and Patent Office, the description of the patented wearable said: “A low-profile blood pressure measurement system and methods of use are disclosed. The system includes an expandable member or structure that has a multi-compartment structure and/or is mounted on a rigid surface or structure.”

An “actuator” to measure how much pressure is needed to get a good reading without crushing the user’s arm entirely is also part of the patented design for Apple’s blood pressure monitor. “It seems to be a device whose function could very well be rolled into future Apple Watch devices down the line,” The Verge report added.

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