How to crop photographs to exact dimensions and size in Photoshop

Last week i was conducting a Photoshop tutorials seminar in New Delhi. There were 20 students in that batch. One student got a problem, he had 20 photographs that had to be cropped in 720px X 520PX dimension at 72 ppi/dpi and same size in 300 dpi. He was struggling a lot to perform this task within fixed period of time. 3 out of 20 students were aware of cropping features in photoshop.

Cropping is not just resize an image. It is a tool that do way more than cropping. The cropping performed two tasks

  1. Change the physical size and aspect ratio of the photographs or canvas for printing .
  2. To focus on the particular element of photographs

Crop to exact dimension

Photoshop has cropping option to exact dimension. You can crop any image to a desired fixed size and resolution. Let see how to crop…

Step 1: Open photograph in photoshop and press C

Step 2: You will see a dialogue box on top as shown in picture

Tutorials by TechieBells.comStep 3: Type the desired dimension and resolution  in crop box and press front image button

Step 4: how drag the crop tool to image are and press enter

Well done! now open any image, press C and crop the image.

The result of cropped image will come as same as the dimension of image set by you. If you want to put another dimension press on clear front image option


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