Game of drones

After all Drones Can Be Fun too…Let’s Unfold The Power Of Drones

Growing up, we’ve seen drones as heroes in movies attacking enemy camps, destroying cities and rescuing people with great efficiency. But come to think of it, the best use of these marvels of technology isn’t in the frivolous spy work, but the challenging world of a classroom.

Delivering homework
Let’s be honest, deadlines have a way of sneaking up on us all, hidden behind new video games and interesting TV shows till the day before submission is due. After staying up all night, completing what was supposed to have been done a week ago, and dragging ourselves away from the tempting comfort of our beds, we make it to school, only to realise that we’ve forgotten the notebook at home. Alas! we get scolded even after meeting the deadline. Behold, the friendly drone is here for all our last minute homework delivery needs.
Arguably, student photographers have the toughest job during a school event, lugging around heavy equipment, holding up cameras for hours and contorting themselves into the most impossible of positions for the perfect shot. A handy drone would no doubt make their lives easier, letting them focus on the delicious refreshments instead of lying on the ground, clicking ten year olds jumping around.

Classroom speakers have a way of breaking down minutes before important announcements, leaving students scrambling around, trying to decipher the few words they managed to hear. A drone in school would surely help, and it would be amusing to watch it go from class to class, declaring the latest PTM date or school event.
Also, the free periods!
Helping teachers
By the end of their careers, most of the teachers surely boast of an impressive arm muscles, borne after the years of carrying around heavy notebooks and bags filled with answer sheets and munchies. A drone that follows around teachers as they go from class to class would definitely help matters, with little bot effortlessly holding up the stacks of papers and books.

Nothing can be worse than cold lunch, and especially the hot aloo parathas with makhan. A drone would easily solve this grave injustice, conveniently delivering warm food right from our home stove to our classroom. No more dry rotis for us!
These are just some ways in which drones could make our classroom life better, free from the tyrannies of cold food and aching backs. Surely, now the army could spare a few drones for our cause.

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