How to convert PowerPoint slideshow into video

Making intro video is really very difficult task for non tech savvy. If you want to make intro video for your Fiverr gigs or promote you product and services on facebook, Microsoft PowerPoint is great tool for making video. You can make it without having extra video making skill. All you have to do make good presentation on Microsoft PPT with

Why you should save PowerPoint as video?

Before i show how to covert PPT as video, let’s talk about why it is a great idea to convert your PPT to video

  1. You can show your presentation to a wider audience by sharing the video on social media platform and video sharing websites.
  2. No need to have Microsoft PowerPoint to play your presentation
  3. You can make your CD and DVD for your promotional campaign
  4. Your audience will see your presentation exactly the same way you want because you can add timing and animation by your own way.
  5. You can convert your video in any other format online for different platforms

How to save PowerPoint 2010 or higher version as a video?

PowerPoint 2010 and higher version has provision to convert Presentation into video. The process is so simple that you will wonder why you haven’t been using this all along.

You will be able to convert it into video whether your presentation contains just text or is a multimedia presentation with sound narration, transitions and video. You will be able to save PowerPoint as video in Windows Media Video in .wmv file format. If you plan for sharing your presentation as a video before creating it, you can decide whether to record the narration before creating the presentation.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create your PowerPoint presentation as normal and save it.
  2. Add the animation with each slide that you want.
  3. If you’re using narration for your presentation, record the narration and add timings to the slideshow. for doing that go slide show tab. Select record slide show and click on start recording from beginning.  
  4. Once you click on this option, PPT  will expand to full screen mode with recording dialogue box in left as shown in picture. You can pause and re-record the narration as you want.

  5. Once you done with the recording. Go to file menu>export>Create a video.

  6. Under the create a video pane, there are three video formats to choose. First is for Computer and HD Display, second is for Internet and DVD and last one for portable device. You can choose the video format as per your requirement.
  7. The next step is tricky. If you want to use equal timing for each slide without using your narration then choose “Don’t use narration and timing” from next drop down. If you wish to save the video with exact narration and timing please choose option “Use recorded timing and narration” . That’s all!!!
  8. Press the Create video. PPT will allows you to save your video in mp4 and wmv format. Save the file you have done! Now you can share your video to

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