How to make money online with Fiverr

This post is going to show how you can earn money online on Fiverr. Everyone wants to make little extra income along with his active income. You have to just master on listed skill on fiverr that’s it. If you don’t know what the Fiverr is? Let me clear … Fiverr is a micro freelancing marketplace where anyone can buy and sell services starting from $5 and not more than $1000.

If you know any skill like logo design, website designing, transcript, voice over, video creation, backlinks, social media marketing, SEO etc you can earn on Fiverr easily.

How to start?
Log on to sign up the form and create a seller account. Complete your profile and write description about yourself. Upload a good photographs and write your strength in your description. Once you create your profile the next is to create effective gigs on Fiverr.

What is gigs and how to create it?

fiver Gigs View

Gigs is a micro service for fiverr a task and a group of tasks that you are going to complete for your clients. A good Gigs make your


The details about the gigs is divided into five different sections

  1. Overview: It contains the title of your gigs, category, service type and gigs metadata. The title is key to win the sell. The title should be clear and to the point. eg I will design creative wordpress website for you..
  2. Pricing: You can divide you gigs into three different price sections. You can choose your own package name, delivery time, specification ect.pricing-of-fiverr-gigs
  3. Description and FAQ: Write the description about your gigs. What services you are going to deliver. Don’t try to mess your description. Whatever extra terms and condition, you wish to include, you can pass them to FAQ section .  There is a provision to create accordion of FAQ. 
  4. Requirement: This section is for requirement that you need for your selling project. Like if you are selling a visiting card designing Gig. So you might need vector logo to design the business card. You can include your requirement in this section. Don’t make too complex. Write in bullet points. A notification will go to buyer who will buy your gigs to complete the requirement. 
  5. Gallery : Gallery is your service showcase. Your can showcase your past projects in JPG, PNG and GIF format. You can also upload your pdf to showcase your work in high resolution. I strongly recommend to add at least one project pdf file into gallery. Better the gallery would leads better chance to win the project. You can now upload your gigs intro video to sell your gigs. An survey revealed that the gigs with intro video sold 60% more than the gigs with no video. You can make your gigs intro on fiverr too. There are a number of seller on Fiver who sell gigs to make intro video on fiverr. You can  spend 5-10 bucks to make it for your own gigs.


And finally Make it live! you can share your gigs on LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook. Share your gigs to social media and promote. Once the buyer buy you gigs you will get notification on mail and app. You can download you app here. Complete the task before deadline and earn money. Once you cross the threshold limit of payment you can transfer your Fiverr earning to PayPal or any bank account.





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