How to secure your blog or website under $5 (HTTPS Security)

What is HTTPS?
HTTPS is a protocol used to provide secure transfer over the Internet. It is a secure protocol where all the data transfer between used and server, can’t be intercepted in between.
It si highly advisable to use HTTPS for your blog and website to prevent your site from hackers and attackers. I have already written a post in details about the HTTPS protocol. Your can check the article here.

There are a number of service provider who provides SSL. It costs anything between $10-100 to secure one website. I prefer It’s cheap, easy and the best option of beginners. Let’s start how to secure your blog and website under $5.

1. Buy Security Certificate from : Go to Signup or sign in to account. choose single domain certificate and purchase the certificate. Your can apply promo code 3.88DEAL during your check out.

2. Activate SSLS on dashboard: After applying coupon your deal will come to $3.88. Now go to your dashboard. Newly bought certificate shows label NEW. Initially SSLS doesn’t assign your domain name with your certificate. Your have to Generate CSR for your domain which you want to secure .


3. Generate CSR for your website: Go to your hosting account. Log on to cpanel. Go to security section in dashboard and click on SSL.

secure website from hackers
secure website from hackers

Click on option Certificate Signing Request (CSR).  A form will appear to generate request. In key option Select Generate a new 2048 bit Key.  In domain field type your domain name eg., or * ( for wildcard domain SSL) following enter.

certificate signing request CSR form
Certificate Signing Request CSR form generated by Godaddy hosting cpanel
CSR Generated by godaddy
CSR Generated by godaddy

4. Paste the Encoded certificate Signing Request into SSLS>dashboard>newcertificate>Activate>Textbox. Paste the CSR request into textbox and hit READ MY CSR button. Once you click on button it will activate your CSR.

Validate your Certificate Singing Request CSR
Validate your Certificate Singing Request CSR


That’s no longer as tricky or expensive as it once was. Let’s Encrypt provides totally free and automated certificates, which you’ll need to enable HTTPS, and there are existing community tools available for a wide range of common platforms and frameworks to automatically set this up for you.

Notably Google have announced that they will boost you up in the search rankings if you use HTTPS, giving this an SEO benefit too. Insecure HTTP is on its way out, and now’s the time to upgrade.

Already using HTTPS everywhere? Go further and look at setting up HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), an easy header you can add to your server responses to disallow insecure HTTP for your entire domain.

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