Top 3 WordPress sliders Speedy and Performance oriented

Are you confused? Which slider should you add in your WordPress website? Which Slider will load faster? then this is the right post for you!!

In this article, I will compare the top 5 WordPress slider according to speed, features and overall performance of  slider. On based on screening i will select top 3 WordPress slider for your website. Our reader often ask to suggest the best slider available for WordPress. In this article i will try to solve the query of our reader as easy as possible.

Problem with Slider

Speed is slider is vital point to rank your website. The speed of website would be significantly affected if you use wrong slider. Most of the slider that available in WordPress plugins market are slow. It can decrease your page loading speed by 60%. One of my friend lost his site ranking due to uses of advanced and heavy WordPress slider. To rank your website you must have fast loading time of your website.

If you don’t host your website with good company it immensely affect your page loading time. You can’t hit and trial hundreds of slider available in the market. So go through this post and find the best slider for your website.

Nomination of top 5 sliders

We installed and go through hundreds of slider available in market. We selected top 5 sliders which we feel you must try for your website. We make a dummy website and use a slider having 4 slides using these different sliders. We run the GTMetrix, pingdom, google page speed and some more test. The data we found is mentioned below.

Slider Plugin Page Load time Requests Page size
Soliloquy 1.32 secs 26 946 KB
Nivo Slider 2.10 secs 29 1.1 MB
LayerSlider 2.11 secs 30 980 KB
Revolution Slider 2.23 secs 29 1.1 MB
Meteor 2.31 secs 27 1.25 MB

Every slider have their own pro and cons. But after a fine analysis we came to include top 3 best sliders for this post.


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