What is CSR (Certificate Singing Request) and to generate it?

What is a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)?

A CSR is a block of encoded text which Certificate Authority needs when they issue SSL for your website.

How to generate CSR?

It is generated on the server where you host your website. In your Cpanel there is one option for SSL in security section. Click on SSL and and Certificate Signing Request (CSR)


How to generate CSR
How to generate CSR

What is contained in a CSR?

CSR contains the following parameters

  1. Key: Choose 2048 bit key
  2. Domains: Your domain name if you purchase SSL for domain wildcard then type *.yourdomainname.XYZ otherwise type yourdomain.xyz and www.yourdomain.xyz eg adzive.com and www.adzive.com
  3. City: Your city
  4. State: Your state
  5. Country: Your country
  6. Company: Your business name
  7. Company Division: Division of your business
  8. Email: official email ID
  9. Passphrase: Some certificate authorities may require CSRs to have a passphrase. It used to confirm the identity of the person or organization with whom you wish to communicate. CSR passphrases are stored unencrypted in the CSR. Because of this, and also because you will share this passphrase with a third party, do not use an important password here.
  10. Description: your company description
certificate signing request CSR form
certificate signing request CSR form generated by godaddy host

How CSR appears?

CSR begins with “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–”  and ends with “—–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–“. It can be opened on any text editor like notepad, MS-word etc. Most of the certificate created in the Base-64 encoded PEM format. The example of CSR is shown below.

CSR Generated by godaddy

CSR Generated by godaddyCopy this text, paste it in notepad and save in . TXT format

Well done! your have generated CSR. !

Some certificate registrar needs private key to issue certificate. Click here to learn how to generate private key

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