Why you should avoid free web hosting

If you want to start a blog or website you require a domain name and hosting space. There are numbers of free platform to host your blog or website free like Blogspot, WorPress etc. If you want to establish your blog professionally than get a self hosted website. There are number of reasons why we should choose self hosting blog or website.

Problems that you could face with free hosting

Nothing is free in TechWorld. Its lucrative model of big company to promote their premium service in freemium model. They made a attractive model to use the service free when you find suitable you can invest n$ for buy the premium services. Initially i started my blog for free then i realize that i have no rights over my content. I switched to paid service.

1. Your blog can vanish any time with free hosting 

Your blog can be dead anytime with free web hosting. According to terms and conditions of their services they will inform you before closing the serviced but it would be too late….

You have to migrate all your content from free to new server. It’s really cumbersome job to do this. I had to migrated my 1000+ articles to new server and it took 15 days to migrate.. you can imagine…

Yahoo Geocities closed their service on April 2009. They told that new registrations would not be accepted but old domains will remain functional and upgrading to Yahoo’s paid hosting. Unfortunately later Yahoo asked to transfer all data before dead line October 26, 2009 and also it said that


2. You can’t sell your free hosted blog

Read the terms and conditions that you signed during the registration of free blog…

“No Resale of the Service. Unless expressly authorized in writing by Google, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes (a) any portion of the Service, (b) use of the Service, or (c) access to the Service.”

Free hosted website is like sitting on hanging branches that can break anytime. You don’t have rights to sell your blog because you don’t own your blog. It’s not your property. If you read the terms and conditions of blogspot. It clearly states  that you can’t sell, share, and transfer your blogspot blog to any other person.

3. There is no safety

Free is free. The hosting service providers can’t spend cash much on security issues. A numbers of free service providers were attacked by expert of hackers who stole millions of users data. They have never been recovered by pairing companies. 2ip is great example of this

4. There is no control on server resources for you

You don’t have control on your blog server. You can’t modify the data, security, and other resources.

You don’t have control on your blog server resources. If your blog comes popular in digg, delicious or in some other one like that then your blog will certainly go down. A blogger setup his free blog and it became popular of blogspot. One day he submitted his post to digg and withing a week he win to appear on home page of digg. It was like a taking off a flight. Suddenly his free hosted server crashed leaving all the traffic behind. And it was like crash of his plane.

Hence don’t use free webhosting. It is for fun not for serious blogger..

5. Say no to free domain

Don’t fall in some eye catchy advertisements. It can soon become eye tearing.. believe me or not no one will gives you anything free without expecting some returns, immediately or later.

Let me come to the point straight.

What they do is, they give their subdomains for free. So understand this, getting a domain example.co.in & example.co.cc is not same. When you buy example.co.in, it means you buy your own domain but when you buy example.co.cc, it means you use their subdomains.

They can close their service at any time or change it to paid model. If they shut down their website then your blog will go down even if you host it on own server. So take care of registering right domain at right registrar.


If you are serious about starting a blog then don’t opt for any free hosting or free domain model. Do you have already blog on free host? Then it is the right time to move for best host. you can check my list of  cheapest web hosting service provider with quality service.

or you can choose shared hosting for your blog it’s a bit cheaper and good of beginners .

2 thoughts on “Why you should avoid free web hosting

  • August 3, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    The free platforms like BlogSpot, WordPress.com are there, but they come with restrictions. And a professional approach is to get a self-hosted site. I know free hosting is cheap, and you don’t have to spend a penny on hosting your site, but all such free web hosting companies uses this freemium model to promote their premium service.

    You must know, that the free blogging platforms are really not for passionate bloggers. It blocks you from the possibility of the blog to serve us right. It’s never too late to switch to a self-hosted blogging platform, even for the hobbyist. I had a really terrible experience with free web hosting, and I will never suggest people use it again. They can stop their service at any time or switch it to paid model. If they are closing their website, then your blog will go down even if you host it on own server. So take care of registering a domain at the best registrar.

    Free Hosting is an excellent choice suitable for students to study about web hosting and web site design, but yeah, if you have a professional business website then you need to go with paid web hosting…

    • August 27, 2018 at 12:05 pm

      Yes I agree. Keep replying on other posts.


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